About Us


Welcome Ohm!

Vella Yoga was dreamt up by Stephanie & Cassie who both shared a passion for helping others feel comfortable, peaceful, healthy and strong in their bodies. To introduce accessible yoga to people of all shapes, sizes, gender, race and age. If you have a body, you have a yoga body. 

At Vella we encourage you to show up just as you are, allow yourself to explore what your body is able to do today and find gratitude and peace in what is. Just be you!

Our studio is a comfortable and welcoming environment for you to embrace your practice. You'll strenthen and grow both physically and emotionally to reignite that vibrant spirit of yours!

Our instructors are passionate about sharing the teachings of yoga as they were intended and helping weave and blend philosophy, physical wellness, meditation and breathwork with real life experiences to help guide you safely on and off your mat. We meet you just where you are and make each asana adaptable and accessible.

Yoga is therapeutic and can be a sustainable, life long practice to help support your mind, body and spirit. 

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you ohm to Vella!


Meet Veda (baby) and Ellie (22) who were our inspiration for both our yoga studio and our name.  Veda + Ellie = Vella 

Veda + Ellie = Vella 

Veda + Ellie = Vella