Mind Body Flow (Saturday morning)

Start your weekend by feeling centered,strong and refueled! This ALL LEVELS flow class will help you feel rejuvenated and energized in a beautiful flow that opens up tight areas, stretches and strengthens muscles. Feel harmony in the body!

Root To Rise (All levels)

Come wake up your body, settle your mind and find your breath. This class consists of a flowing practice designed to help you feel grounded, find and build foundational strength, freedom of movement and a connection to your breath. The teacher will show modifications for both beginners and more advanced students. 


Gentle Flow (All levels)

A calming, stress relieving yoga class to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. Emphasis on building awareness of the breath and body. Asanas (poses) are practiced at a slower pace with attention to alignment and detail. A gently yet steady practice!

Mind Body Flow

This evening Flow class is designed to help you unwind from your day. Connecting our mind, body and engaging our spirit in a mindful flow that will release areas of tightness and fatigue. Extended periods of sitting at your desk, driving, standing, cell phone/computer use, etc. takes its toll on our bodies. Let it all go while rejuvenating  and replenishing your spirit!


Yoga Therapeutics

This slow moving, therapeutic class emphasizes engagement and release of muscle groups to address persistant/recurring issues such as low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, tightness in hips, core weakness, joint issues, anxiety/depression and more. Deep stretching and breathwork are incorporated for a wonderfully balanced class.

Grow With The Flow

 Our latest evening class (7pm) is an ALL LEVELS flow class. Take what you need from this class as you grow and develop your yoga practice. A complete mind, body practice to help you explore how yoga FEELS in your body. YOUR body, YOUR yoga. 


A Beginners Yoga Class

This class is for the true beginner or those beginning again.

Held monthly, this class will introduce yoga as it was truly intended. For your mind, body and spirit. Yoga is for EVERY body.If you have a body, you have a yoga body! 

We will guide you through this 75 min class while explaining the why's and how's of the practice. Basic breathwork, asanas (poses) and mindfulness will take you on a journey and help you come home to yourself!

This is YOGA!

Sunday Soul Flow (All levels)

Sunday's are for beginning again...And letting go

-This class is a mix of slow yet steady Vinyasa flow yoga to strengthen and engage the mind and body. Movement synced with breath with opportunities for stillness and reflection.