Private Yoga:

If you are new to yoga, going into a big yoga class with students at different levels can lead you to perform yoga poses without proper alignment, and improper form can leave yourself open to injury.

As a private instructor, I will take the time to show you how to get in and out of every pose properly as well as offer yoga props to assist you in the beginning until your body gets used to the poses.

One of the many benefits of a private yoga session is that I can tailor your class to you and your needs. If you need greater hip flexibility, you can have an entire class just focusing on the hips. Or if you are super stressed out, we can work on your breathing for 20 minutes. 

My private classes are designed to get exactly what you need for your body. I help you access your inner strength and balance through yoga poses but also through breathing, stress-relief and connection to your higher self, which will in turn help you to balance the other aspects of your life.

As a yoga teacher, I give you tools that you can always use outside of class or as we say in the yoga world, โ€œoff the mat.โ€ Everyone can use tips on how to stand taller, sit upright, and stretch properly before exercise. Also, certain breathing techniques can help get you through the tough times in life. But the best thing a private yoga class will give you is the opportunity to help you see yourself at a different level, to go deeper to the place where your spirit shines, and to help you shine that light outward for others to see. 

Private Yoga Session Pricing:

First session is just $50.00 and will run about 60 minutes. We will go over your wellness goals and any physical or emotional restrictions you may have. I will email certain points from class for you to practice at home. Each class will be written specifically for you and your needs and will be about 50 minutes.

Individual Session: $65.00


3 Private Sessions-$180.00 / 5 sessions- $275.00